Why Hire Us?

Health & Safety

Tree surgery is a high risk occupation and must always be treated as such. It is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety of all our employee’s, our clients and their property. We must also ensure that the safety and well-being of the public are protected from any possible risks arising from tree surgery work being completed in their area.

All of our staff have been fully trained to the highest standards. Equipment & safety gear are regularly tested as per regulations. With over 20 years’ experience our staff are fully competent in tree surgery work.


Northern Tree Services Ltd. are fully insured, with no height restrictions to carry out all aspects of tree work. We have both Employer’s & Public Liability Insurance.  A copy of our insurance will be provided upon request.


Northern Tree Services Ltd. are fully trained, insured and experienced tree surgeons who have years of experience working for both the private and commercial sector. All staff have been NPTC & LANTRA approved. They are all trained operators in tree felling, tree climbing, wood chipping, operating and working from hoist, first aid etc.


Tree work should be completed on time, within budget and to the specification outlined and agreed at the outset of the job. Safety procedures are followed at all times.

Each site location is different. Appropriate methods of work and the necessary equipment will be used to ensure safety of all involved. Tree felling is used in circumstances where the tree has become a danger for e.g. tree is in poor health or has outgrown its environment and has been planted too close to a house or building. In confined spaces felling is done by safe sectional dismantling of the tree from the top down. Sections of the tree are lowered by rope to the ground to avoid any unnecessary damage to property below. Large trees in any condition in any location can be safely felled using this method. We also use a hoist to elevate the tree worker safely into position where the tree is in poor condition and unsafe to climb. Only fully trained, experienced and confident tree surgeons are capable of doing this high risk work safely.

Standard of Work

Work should be carried out safely and in full agreement with the landowner. The site will be left tidy and all debris will be removed. All tree waste is shredded and taken away for recycling leaving the site in a clean and safe condition and to the satisfaction of the owner. With the proper use of equipment minimal damage will be caused to the site. Tree climbing, felling and chipping will be done to NPTC standards. Health & Safety of all concerned is priority and the well – being of all involved must be enforced at all times.